Hey! I'm Craig Minchington, the Founder and Director of Adora Attack Studio.

At Adora Attack, we’re passionate visual storytellers that love crafting narratives and creating emotional connections through 3D animation and design.

We collaborate with independent businesses and some of the world’s biggest brands – always looking to use our skills and join forces and create beautiful work.

With 16 years of expertise working both independently and at various leading creative studios across the U.K, we offer full service production – brief, ideation, creation, direction and delivery.

Being an 80s kid, I love to draw inspiration from nostalgic cartoons, computer games, music and TV shows to create contemporary dynamic simulations, bursting with bold colours, energetic movement and powerful composition

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We are also proud to be a Creative Partner with TONIC DNA



+44 7590 533 007

Craig Minchington Bristol, United Kingdom.