Scotiabank Investments

  • Client — Scotiabank

  • Role — Director, 3D modelling, Texturing, Lighting

  • Agency — Bensimon Byrne

  • Production — Tonic DNA

  • Lead Animator & Director — Jon Gallo

As part of their colourful campaign, Bensimon Byrne invited us to collaborate on this fun project for Scotiabank.

Working alongside my reps Tonic DNA, who produced the project, and fellow director Jon Gallo, we set out to create colourful visuals and dynamic simulations, that would tell the story of how Scotia can help you accomplish your goals.

Whether it be campaigning in a shiny RV instead of a tent, or re-modelling a patio, we created playful transormations of these elements that reflect how Scotiabank can take part in imporving their customers lives.